medical assistant, no training???

  1. hi, currently I'm still employed at a he88 hole of a nursing home. I am to the point of burn out, stressed, am feeling like I want to give up on nursing all together. You see a good day is 10 residents and bad day is about 17 to 30 some. I worked sunday and there are two halls. I took D and another girl took C and the third floated. This is daylight!!! we each were responsible for 18-20 residents until we got more help in the afternoon. Some nurses will help but many won't when they see you are overwhelmed and gee they actually have time to sit down and have um what do you call that a break! ( kidding) I am stressed, can't sleep at night, exhausted, back hurts frequently, headaches you name it. and they call me all the time at home, mandate people to stay over. I guess this is nursing. The unit I'm on is skilled so many of these people need everything done inc feeding them. And so I'm in LPN school, loving it by the way. A guy in my class is a MA and sais that they would hire me because I'm in nursing school. Now I've previously had multiple courses related to medical and nursing and training. He claims they'll teach me on the job. Is this even possible? if so I'm there cause i aint workin' here no more, they can take this job and shove it. They really need to focus on why they keep loosing staff and not just replacement.
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  3. by   Spidey's mom
    I was a medical assistant while in school and had no training. Worked in a doctor's office. We signed an agreement between us that he would teach me under his licence. It was so cool. I learned alot.

    So yes, it is possible. Try it.

  4. by   Purple Princess
    1. associate's degree in general studies/ nursing
    2. Cna certified
    3. courses in nursing fundamentals, medical terminology, assessment, vital signs, pharmacology, speech, English , Spanish, psychology, A&P. health, intermediate algebra, medical abbreviations, seminars in strokes, and CPR and using the AED. The two things I've never done are phlebotomy and clerical work. I do know how to type and use a computer though. This guy in my LPN program is a certified medical assistant, and took the test after attending the program. I wonder if I would qualify as anything in a doctor's office. He's telling me that I can work as a medical assistant there doing basic things while attending nursing school cause others are doing that. I guess there are different levels of medical assisting? even if the pay aint great it would be more experience and credentials I could use for my next nursing job. I know I love my residents dearly and care about each one but I can't continue like this. ( in 2.5 weeks recently a CNA was fired due to drug accusations, another CNA quit, LPN put in her notice, and an RN quit since she found another job) sheesh and I was complaining about my first job as a CNA!