1. Hello All,

    I'm an LVN and my ideal goal is to become an NP. I know most/all NP programs require you to have a Bachlore as well as your RN license. I dont have a Bachelor and now trying to look into the fastest program to allow me to apply for the NP program.My questions are:

    1. Is there a bridge program in CA for LVN's to get into ABSN?( I dont wanna do 2 yr of RN then another 2 yr of BS and then apply)

    2. If option one is not possible is there a bridge program in CA for LVN's to BSN programs?

    3. Or is there any other options?

    Thank you
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  3. by   Lipoma
    To get an MUST have a previous BS/BA degree + relevant pre-reqs. From my understanding, an ASN RN will still need a BS/BA prior to an ABSN. So that means there are no LVN to ABSN or RN (ASN) to ABSN bridge unless that ASN RN/LVN already has a prior Bachelors education. So RN (2 yrs) --> BSN (2yrs) --> MSN-FNP (15 mos. - 2 years.

    However, you can go RN to BSN (2 years RN + 2 years BSN/BS/BA).
  4. by   EbonyWaltonEl
    Google LVN to BSN. Azusa and CSUF have programs.