LPN or RN right the way

  1. Hello everyone,

    My friend is trying to convince me that if i go and have my LPN then after that take my RN is better for me, bcz LPN will save me from bunch of prerequisits, i'm currently an RN student in a community College, it will take me around 2 years,if i was a full time student though... so what do u think?? should i start an LPN course, work as a n LPN then do my RN or should i just go ahead with the RN???


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  3. by   JulieW
    Hi there,

    I agree with CEWorden that this is a personal choice that only you can make. Don't let anyone "convince" you one way or the other. You are a RN student currently so it seems that it would be a shame to drop from your current school. Getting into a program is a big part of the battle! Besides, 2 years will fly. If you are still taking your RN prereqs, then I can see your strategy- but what you should keep in mind is that while being an LPN does allow you to bypass the first year of most RN programs, it does not let you bypass RN prereqs!!! There are no real shortcuts here, so the decision should come down to your most immediate needs. Good luck to you. I was in your same position not long ago, and now I'm a graduated LVN. Whatever your goal, you will get there!!

  4. by   JillR
    I would really check into how many pre-requisites it would save you from taking. The place I went to school, the LPN's were still in the classroom for two years, no matter what they did, they still needed the pre-reqs. Some were in school longer than I was to get the same degree. Just a thought.
  5. by   The80Doe
    Thanx a lot for your replies.....

    i think i'm just gonna proceed with my N and as you said 2 years will fly, the only benefit is maybe if i start my LPN i'll start working as a nurse within a year, anyways thanx again

  6. by   ceworden
    Good luck with the choice you have made. If you run into any problems just post a question and as you can tell, we will respond and help in anyway possible.

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  7. by   ceworden
    Hello Future Fellow Nurse,
    I think the choice is yours to make. I am an LPN and had to go that route due to finiancial issues at the time. However I am working towards my RN by taking most of my prereqs one or two at a time.
    There are advantages of getting your LPN first by the fact it is a shorter program but it is a full-time program. Most facilities will help you in pursueing your goal towards an RN degree.
    Also if you get your LPN and work for a year some RN programs allow you to apply your work expierance towards your degree. Check out all options prior to making your choice.
    Either way, LPN or RN, you will be joining an excellant profession.
    Good Luck in your decision.

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