1. So this is kind of a long story so I'll try to condense it.

    I'm dual military wife in the Army. My husband is active duty, I am reserves. We are currently stationed in Hawaii. I'm finishing my prerequisites for the nursing programs at my local community college. I can either go LPN or RN. If I went LPN I'd have my licensure by May2019. If I go ADN I'll my licensure by May2020. My issue is that my reserve unit is saying we WILL be deploying soon but no exact time yet. And my husband and I will be having to leave the island June2020, I'm wondering if I should just take the safest bet and go for my LPN or possibly risk it for the RN since a BSN is my long term goal. Any suggestions help

    thank you!
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  3. by   Ruby Vee
    It sounds as if it's a question of how risk-averse you are. I'd probably go for the LPN. If you get deployed and miss a semester or more, you might still be able to make up the classes before you're transferred away from Hawaii. You can work on the BSN while working as an LPN, although I'll confess I don't know what the market for LPNs looks like. Either way, good luck!