1. I was just recently accepted into an LPN program and was wondering if someone could answer A slightly confusing question for me. A week after graduation I will be moving from NY to SD due to relocation (military spouse). My question is for which state will I need to apply for licensing, can I just apply for SD or do I have to apply for NY and then transfer it? It's confusing to me being NY isn't a compact state and SD is.
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  3. by   Rose_Queen
    If you will not be working in NY, it doesn't make much sense to apply for a license in MY only to turn around and pay to have it endorsed to another state. Since the move is already planned for so close to graduation, can you wait to apply until you've already moved? To have a compact license vs a license that can only be used in one state, your residence must be in that state. Otherwise, if you applied to SD with a NY address, your license would only be a single state. I'm not in a compact stare so I have no idea how moving would affect the compact license if you applied before the move.
  4. by   Haemke
    So, what you're saying is wait to apply to the state board of nursing until I've actually moved and have a SD address?