Keep getting passed over for travel assignments because of my end date at current job

  1. I decided last month that I need a change and want to try travel nursing. I put in my two week notice on 10/20, but then agreed to stay until the end of the schedule, through November. Every contact I'm being offered needs me to start before my end date. On top of everything, currently out with the flu today and at least tomorrow. I keep getting passed over for positions because I can't start right away. I don't want to burn a stable bridge, but I did not realize I would need to be available right away for travel assignments and I can't afford a large gap between end and start dates.
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  3. by   Ruby Vee
    As you near the end of your current schedule, you won't be passed over for jobs because you'll be able to start within a reasonable period. So just keep at it. I would think that if you want to start in December, most hospitals will be thrilled to have you if you're willing to work Christmas and/or New Years!