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in a Field, Does That Mean That's What You're Supposed to BE? :uhoh3: Okay, I really am interested in nursing. I love watching The Critical Hour, Trauma Life in the ER, and all those other great... Read More

  1. by   Pumpkin1621
    I think everyone here is right in suggesting you shadow a nurse.

    I didn't want to be a nurse at first. I was a business major, and then one day I got a job at the hospital in the ER. I was so amazed at the nurses. I saw doctors too, but the nurses were awesome. After that job I went to school and declared nursing as my major.

    Don't fret. Do some inner soul searching () and go to the hospital and volunteer some. Figure out if you would be happy doing this as a career. Read blogs, find out the negatives and the positives.

    Good luck.
  2. by   I_am_Julia
    some people may have responded to that because of the warm and fuzzy feeling that it gives them. however, i will admit i did not get into nursing for the warm/fuzzies. it was a personal decision based on income, scheduling, and flexibility. it is a second career for me and i chose my first career for those very same reasons (just tired of that environment) which is why i made a change, plus the greater earning potential.

    warm/fuzzy + job = ideal

    Quote from niknik
    i guess if i said that i live and breathe nursing, i can't see myself doing anything else 30 years from now, i love the reward one can get from nursing, i absolutely love, love, love helping people, and i'm interested, maybe i would have gotten better responses. with this being said, this is exactly how i feel. isn't that why people become nurses in the first place....unless they do it for the money, which for me, would be a pay cut. i can't help that i love to watch tv. but i would definately check into shadowing or volunteer work.
  3. by   Multicollinearity
    Quote from llg
    I've been intrigued by lots of possible careers in my life -- thief, stripper, prostitute, spy, geisha, etc. That doesn't mean I should actually become one of those things.
    LOL llg, I had to blink and re-read this twice to wrap my mind around you saying this.

    To the OP, I'd recommend volunteering at a hospital or working part-time. I worked in an ER a few years ago, and I discovered that it is NOTHING like television.

    Good luck to you.