Jobs rejection

  1. I recently passed my NCLEX on Dec 1 the next Tuesday had an interview at a LTC paying around $17. I have two kids the position was 3-11pm I told her I would call her back b4 the day ended. I did she had given it away. I was sad and mad but I had to think about my kids. But now I haven't had another interview.
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    Beggars cannot be choosers in this economy. Despite claims of a so-called 'nursing shortage,' the reality is that there's a long line of nurses looking for work in many cities and states.

    I am so sorry about what happened. The next time you are offered a job, I would suck it up, pretend to be grateful they're offering you the job, and accept it until you find something that fits in better with your family life. Many of us had to start on the 3-11 shift when we were new nurses, because with no experience, you are not in a good position to negotiate or say that you'll call back and let them know if you're taking the job.

    By the way, it is taking anywhere from a few months to a year for many new grads to land their first jobs. Be patient, hit the pavement, and give this job search everything you've got.

    I wish you the best of luck!