Job interview before NCLEX?

  1. So I have a job interview in Baltimore in a a couple weeks for a full time position on an orthopedic floor. I am a New grad taking my NCLEX-RN on March 1. When they called me for the interview, they asked if I was living in Baltimore yet (I am in Jersey) and I told them no, not until the end of February. They seemed very interested and told me to bring my CPR card with me. (I also plan on bringing 2 letters of recommendation from clinical instructors- one of which was my instructor during my orthopedic rotation) My questions are can I get hired before NCLEX? (there are 5 positions open on the floor) and what tips do you suggest to stand out?
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  3. by   CrufflerJJ
    As to whether you can get hired before NCLEX, that's up to the hospital. Some places will hire you, though.

    Congrats on getting an interview. Research the hospital beforehand, so you know some basic info. Smile, be enthusiastic about starting your nursing career with them in ortho. If asked a question for which you don't know the answer, please don't try to BS your way through it. Have an answer lined up on how you'd find out the answer (ask your charge RN or whatnot).

    Ask if you can shadow on the unit either before or after your interview.

    Good luck!