is it really worth it???

  1. I'm seriously considering nursing and in fact, ive registered for some pre-reqs. But ive been looking at some of the tuitions and i just cant believe how high they are. Ive figured ill be loaning out some 30k after its all said and done.
    my friend is a nurse and loves it. he brags about making 100k/year. dont know if thats true or not but if i can come close to that id be a happy guy.
    anyway, its not really about the money but wanting a meaningful career.
    my q is, is nursing worth all this trouble? i mean, im looking at 2 1/2 -3 years of full time school and lots of debt.
    any insight?
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  3. by   pricklypear
    I accumulated more debt than I'm comfortable with during school. But, I justify it by reminding myself that there are few degrees you can get, or professions you can enter where you can be sure of a job anywhere in the country, in any city, at any time besides nursing. I may be up to my eyeballs with student loans, but at least I know I will have steady income for as long as I can physically work. There are a lot of people with degrees that they find to be hard to use in the real world. Also, there are few professions as flexible as nursing. I can work days, nights, weekends, no weekends, 12 hours, 9-5, in hospitals, clinics, offices, where ever. If I want to pick up and move, I know I won't have trouble finding work where ever I choose to go. If I get bored with a specialty, I could learn another. I think it is a meaningful career - though it means something different to all of us, and there are pitfalls. BTW, it's very likely that your friend could easily make 100K a year. Especially if he's single and can travel.
  4. by   SierraC
    Are you seeking a bachelor's or an ASN? My first year at a community college was maybe 3,000 with books ...took some time off to have my second child...finished through EC ...costed about 4,000.
  5. by   billlee2
    thanks for the reply. your point about finding work anywhere makes alot of sense. ive heard this, as theres a nationwide shortage of nurses.
    thst student loans bother me but i guess nothing worthwhile comes cheap.

    ill be going to camden county comm college to take the pre-reqs. then, i hope to get into drexels accelerated bsn program.