Is it easier to get medsurg job with 1 year experience in mother-baby or as a new grad RN?

  1. I've heard that a lot of postpartum or mother-baby nurses are seen as "glorified waitresses" and that they lose their nursing skills. Therefore am I better off waiting and taking a med-surg job as a a new grad RN or should I take this job in the mother-baby unit to get my foot in the door? It's at Boston Medical Center which is a a large safety-net hospital.
    Side note: I passed the NCLEX on Jan 31st, have applied to 22 positions in and around Boston and this mother-baby position the ONLY place I have even interviewed with.

    So the ultimate question: wait and hope I get a med-surg job offer as a new RN in boston, or get my foot in the door by taking this postpartum job.
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  3. by   babeinboots
    Take the postpartum job. Unusually after 6 months employees are eligible for internal transfers to other departments within the hospital.