1. Hi everyone,

    As the summer creeps closer, the sooner I will begin my A&P pre-requisites for nursing school. I am beginning to think more and more about it and am getting somewhat intimidated.

    I told a whole bunch of people that I know (probably most if not everyone) that I want to go to nursing school after I complete the degree I'm working on now. But sometimes when I stop to think about it, I get scared and intimidated. Like, when I'm getting extremely hyped up, I can see myself being a nurse, but at other times, I can't. I don't really know who I can talk to about this since I made myself sound so determined in front of them.

    Has anyone else ever had this feeling where you can sometimes see yourself as a nurse and sometimes can't?

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  3. by   iHeartNICU
    Hey there! I think it's totally normal to feel like that. I know I did. I felt like that before starting my prereqs, during my prereqs, before and during nursing school and even now that I am acutally a nurse. I would have days where I was completely excited and ready to go and other days where I was so unsure if I was making the right decision. Even now, being a nurse for just over a year, I have days that I am intimidated by what is going on and if I'm in the right place....but then the next week rolls around and I LOVE what I'm doing. I know that this probably isn't really a helpful or informative post but just to say, yes I think it's totally normal. If you are actually interested in nursing and want to do it YOU CAN DO IT regardless of having days at a time where you just aren't into it and sure of yourself. If you get into it and hate every single minute of every single day, then maybe it's time to start looking into other things but even then it's hard to say because the actual job of nursing versus the schooling is very very different I felt. I was not a fan of nursing school at all but I LOVE my job! Best of luck!!!