I'm clueless about what to put on a new grad resume...

  1. I've got a ton of great experience, but none in the healthcare field. I'm trying to put together a resume so that I hopefully will have a job upon graduation, and I'm clueless about how to address the fact that I have no experience. Can anyone offer any tips? Ideas? What did you put on your resume when you first graduated?

    THANK YOU in advance for any tips!

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  3. by   purplemania
    Once you put the date of graduation everyone knows you are a new grad and cannot possibly have nursing experience. Think about what a nurse does (or get out an old textbook that outlines the role of a nurse, such as educator, planner, counselor, etc.) When you list your previous work experience include a line of how that job might pertain to nursing ("I managed three other persons in this position and was responsible for creating our schedules and for assigning duties to others".)

    Recruiters are looking for people who appear sensible and stable and who are willing to work. The past is icing on the cake, but might not make a huge difference.
  4. by   ProfRN4
    I think it all depends on what your experience was. If you were a teacher, and planning to work in peds, well yes that's relevent.

    If nursing is your first career (like me) I don't think it makes a big difference. I worked in a bank (and badly, I might add) while in school. I had to resign when my drawer showed up $100 more than once (I swear, I didn't take it!!), so I then got a job at Tower Records. Did nothing to enhance my nursing career :chuckle

    If it's relevent, put it in.
  5. by   rnkwissie
    I too, am a new grad...when I did my resume...I didn't have any hospital work experience either (having a bachelor's in Business)...so what I did was put down my rotations, and what I learned and did there....it filled out the resume a little...and I was able to have something to focus on when talking with the recruiter...

    Hope this helps!!

    off to study for the NCLEX!