I waited to take NCLEx

  1. Hi, I graduated from nursing school in 2014 with an ASN. I had 2 more kids and now I've decided to take my boards (6/26). Will finding a job be an impossible feat? I want to have an idea of my chances before I take this huge step and have my dreams dashed.

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  3. by   meanmaryjean
    Not impossible, but daunting. You likely will not be eligible for any new grad programs. I think if you look outside of hospitals you will have a better chance.

    Good luck!
  4. by   slauren
    Good luck with taking the NCLEX! Finding a job is hard even right out of school, but I think you'll find something eventually. When I was a new nurse I couldn't get a job at a hospital so I worked at a LTC/rehab, it gave me a bunch of experience and opened the door for me to get into a hospital. Might be hard getting exactly what you want from the get-go but take what you can to get where you want.
  5. by   nwebster06
    Thanks ! I am planning on doing exactly that- working at an LTC for a while.