I think I'm freaking out.....

  1. I'm a new LVN with about 6months of experience. In nursing school I was second in my class and was always very anxious about learning everything and retaining it all. Now a little over a year out of nursing school I feel like everything I learned is falling out of my ears! I only got 6 months of experience before I had to quit work for cancer treament (3 rounds of immunotherapy and a partial nephrectomy). I've been out of work for 8 months now and I'm freaking out inside that I'm going to forget everything. I'm also afraid of how the time out of work and how new I still am is going to effect me getting a job again when I'm well (which will be very soon). I'm starting college again in the fall to finish my ADN and have subscribed to two nursing magazines that will hopefully keep me up with the info, but I feel like its not enough. I'm a mess. I guess I'm just looking for reassurance and advice.
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  3. by   shermrn
    Well hang in there. Smart idea about the nursing magazine subscriptions, also maybe review some of the basics from your old nursing textbooks. Good luck with everything.
  4. by   MagicStatic
    If you're not completely confident, thats ok. Alot of people feel like that. I'm working on my BSN. Having an ongoing college education is the smart thing you did, employers and patients have more trust in competent nurses and although experienced nurses with only an ASN are ok, there is a lot to be learned about the dynamics of nursing that experience can't teach you.
    Just like my advisor told me, once you complete your BSN you will have a lot more confidence in your abilities as a nurse.
  5. by   HouTx
    CONGRATULATIONS on your recovery. Speaking from personal experience, doing battle with the Big C can be exhausting - takes everything you've got for a while. Don't worry, you'll get back up to speed in no time at all when you're cleared to return to work. You will probably be surprised at how quickly it will all come back to you.

    Take care of yourself & don't try to rush your recovery. The 'right' job will be there for you when you're ready for it.