I think I want to be a nurse instead

  1. I have been going to school for 2 years so far and was going for teaching, but today i am having second thoughts i think i would want to be a nurse instead. i hear teacher talk all the time how they dont get paid enough or this just aint worth it and some of them are telling me to not even be a teacher. I am just afraid that i want make it because i hear people say how hard it is. i have no experince at all. I am so confused but i feel in my heart that i would want to be a nurse and can see my self being a nurse besides a teacher. my BIG concern is..... will i be able to do it. i doubt myself all the time and i know thats not good to do.
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  3. by   sapphire18
    You will hear the same things from nurses re: low pay, no jobs, and bad working conditions. See if you can shadow a nurse for a day, or volunteer at a healthcare facility. I will say, though, that the market is oversaturated with nurses right now. Many new grads are jobless despite hundreds of applications, and many others are forced into taking bottom of the barrel jobs. Just my 2 cents.