I need a change! Burnout! Back to school?

  1. Ok - so I was always told that nursing is a great field because the possibilities are great, and there are many different areas in which to work.

    Well yes, but only in bedside nursing it appears.

    I've been a PACU, OR, Endo, and Pre-Post Op RN-BSN for almost 20 years (I'm 42) and I'm really ready for a change. I'm tired of patient care! I'm tired of cranky patients, nasty families, and PITA docs. I have some wonderful patients though, and great co-workers, so I'm very blessed in that regard, and I've been with the same company for 15 years, but still, I need something different.

    But I only want part-time work as I have a young family.

    All the non-bedside positions (i.e. Insurance companies, QA, Case Management) require experience (at least all the ones I've applied for - and been rejected from!) so that's not getting me anywhere. People always say "Insurance companies.. they hire nurses all the time!" Really??? Maybe you could point them my way LOL!

    I'd love to get my Master's in something, and have thought seriously about getting my MBA (currently studying to take the GMAT) but it seems that most MBA-type jobs require FULL-time work so I'm not sure that I'll find a job even if I got my MBA?

    I've looked into Legal Nurse Consulting (too much 'selling your services') it seems, Nurse Coding (doesn't pay squat), even Nurse Practitioner, but THAT is mega stressful (at least all the NPs I work with seem stressed!) and it's obviously a direct patient care job.

    Nursing Informatics? Seems a little wishy-washy (some jobs require no degree in it, some a Masters...no set requirements)

    So many non-bedside nursing jobs are 'getting lucky' enough to find that one particular job that will work for that one person....I've looked for years and haven't found one!

    I really DO want to get a Master's in SOMETHING - but not something that I'll have to work full-time to fill a position.

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    I think as a Nurse most jobs will require some patient contact. I work bedside and I agree it can get very annoying. I tried home health and found it pretty flexible and most ppl are not that cranky since they are at home. My advice is try home health see if it fits.
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