I am a CNA looking for a change????

  1. Hi everyone. I no that I'm not a nurse, but I would love some advice from anyone!!!! I have been in this field for 14 yrs, I'm 33 almost 34 and love what I do. I feel that I'm at a point in my life where I want more, I still want to help people, just as an LPN or an RN. I am curious about the pay of an LPN. And, are there any LPN's out there that have any advice for someone who is looking at being a nurse?? I wanted to do this yrs ago, but never had the oppertunity, now I do.
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  3. by   hollykate
    Dear Kookie,
    I'm not an LPn and I don't know much about them (we don't hire them at my hospital, so I've never really worked with them). But, pay rates really vary across the country. Check out Web sites for local hospitals to see what they are making in your area. It seems to me that LPN's are more in demand in Long term care,rehab, and home care type settings.(Someone correct me if I am wrong.) If thats your interest go for it. You might also want to do an associates degree program that allows you to take LPN boards after the first year of school, after the 2nd year you can take the RN boards. I really admire you for sticking with Aide work for 14 years :eek!: , and I am sure LPN or RN, you will make a very very good nurse. Good Luck!!!!
  4. by   Jenny P
    I started working as an aide in high school at age 15. I worked my way through nursing school as an aide and as a practical nurse. I loved working in the nursing home in my home town, and I love what I do now 37 years later(I'm an RN in CV-ICU and am certified as a CCRN). If you love being a CNA and have stuck with it this long, go for it! Become a nurse! Wether you choose to be an LPN or an RN (either an AD or a BSN) is up to you and what you can afford. Talk to some of the nurses you work with. They may have some good insight into what would fit you best.
  5. by   Sylvia
    Hi Kookie. I am an LPN who started out as a CNA and am currently working toward my RN. I feel that having been a CNA first gave me an edge, both in nursing school and when I actually started pushing the med cart. There are just some things they don't teach you in nursing school!

    LPN's in my area generally make in the area of $12 - $18 an hour, depending upon where they work. However, Florida does not exactly have the highest wage scale in the United States!

    If you've been in the field for 14 years and you still have the desire to help people then I say: Go for it! You will probably be a great nurse.

    P.S. Occasionally, I do miss being a CNA, because the higher up you go in your career, it seems, the less time you have to spend with your patients, and I do love bedside care. However, I do not regret having become a nurse.