How to Complete Pre-Reqs?

  1. Hello Nurse Beth,
    I am so glad to be in this group, am from West Africa, Nigeria. I am starting my prerequisite classes at Delmar College in January 2017. Please, what is the best way to go about it? I need your advise, i wanted to become a Registered Nurse.

    Dear Need Advice,


    You are on the right track by starting your prerequisites. Study hard and get good grades.

    Pace yourself. For most students, it is a good idea to take only one lab class at a time (per semester) in order to do your best.
    Lab classes include Chemistry, Anatomy and Physiology. They are hard classes, and there can be a lot of homework.

    Apply to your chosen nursing program as soon as you are eligible. It is best to get your BSN (as opposed to ADN).

    You are just starting out on your path, but be sure and write me again later when it's time for you to submit an application essay
    to nursing school. I'll give you some tips to help you stand out

    Best wishes,

    Nurse Beth

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