How much does the individual nursing school mean?

  1. Hi everyone!!

    Been away from All Nurses for about a year or two now.

    I'm just so frustrated, lost and confused. I KNOW that I want to do nursing, just have no idea where to go.

    Since I decided to go for nursing, Johns Hopkins was my dream school. I did everything I could to get in, and imagine my surprise when I DID get in.

    Unfortunately, couldn't get the loans I needed. Now, over a year later, I probably COULD get the $100k I need for two years.

    However, I've talked to nurses that I'm close to, or acquaintances. They seem to be split. Some say Hopkins will open so many doors that I've never dreamed of. Others say the school you go to does not count for anything or maybe the interview and that's it.

    I do know that if I did decide to pursue CRNA, JHU is one of the only schools in the country where I'm guaranteed a spot in UMAB's program (then again, what if I decide to stick with critical care nursing?)

    The nurses that tell me not to worry about which school also tell me to get in the shortest program I can so I can get out and start working sooner.

    Since graduating with my first degree, I've been at the same job I've been in for the last four: retail. Now, I'm in management. I'm ready to make the change. Just not sure which way to turn.

    If not Hopkins, I've been looking at University of South Alabama's ABSN program. It's one year. Anyone have any opinions on this or any other recommendation for programs?

    I'm also a little nervous now, because it's been over a year since I've been in my pre-req classes (A&P, O-Chem, etc). I kept the notes, but things are not fresh in my mind.

    I can't tell you guys HOW much I appreciate your help! :1luvu: :1luvu: :1luvu:
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