How long should I wait before switching units?

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    I have been an RN for 1 1/2 years (and am 27yrs old). I took up a permanent full-time position approximately 4 mos. ago on a specialized med/surg floor. Before that, I worked at 2 other hospitals covering temporary full-time positions (in general med/surg) that were both only guaranteed 6 months, both hospitals experienced layoffs/hiring freezes, so I was out of a job. I really like the hospital I am at, it is a large teaching centre but I really feel that I want to get off the floor, I just don't really like med/surg nursing. I was thinking of either training for ICU or OR, and am leaning to the OR side of things. I promised my employer to stay on for a year, and they were completely aware of my interest in critical care because we talked about it in the interview. Now that I am considering OR, I can do an online training course through a community college and can possibly do the clinical on my days off at the same hospital. Should I wait a full year working on this floor before pursuing this plan? Or do the course work now, and the clinical after the year mark? I want to be professional about it, and not burn any bridges.
    Also, my husband and I are wanting to start a family at anytime within the next couple years. Should I wait and put my OR plans off till after a first baby? (mat. leave is a year here) Or is it better to get the career situation sorted out first?
    Btw, if hired into the OR, there is a year long training program. Any advice, from nurses that have been in similar situations?
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