how honest during interveiw

  1. I have been a LPN for 5 years. I have worked in Home Care the whole time.
    I am looking into other departments, the problem is I really don't know much. I fell like a new grad. They do things totally different in HC and I do know I will have to be trained in. I don't want them to see the 5 years of experence and think I know more then I do. How could I handle this the right way?
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  3. by   BNThere
    changing positions is always challenging, even within the same hospital. don't start off from a deficit position - you're an LPN, right? you know more than you think you do. that's what orientation, & hopefully coworkers, is all about..good luck!
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  4. by   Selke
    Think of it as expanding and building upon your current skill level and knowledge base, not as how little you know. Tell the manager in your interview that you are seeking a more challenging position in order to expand your skills and nursing knowledge. Address with your preceptor how you feel about things being different in home vs hospital care -- hopefully you'll get a good preceptor who will positively integrate what nursing skills you have with what may be different in hospital.

    Nurses change specialties all the time, in effect becoming a newbie with each new job. We all feel incompetent at theset times. Many others experience this feeling, you're not the only one! Don't be afraid! You'll do fine.