How do I adapt my nursing resume into a "general" resume

  1. Hi everyone,

    New grad (I guess)... same old story. I've been a applying for months, stressed out of my mind and my loans are piling up. I'm sick of sitting around depressed wondering where my life is going ... I need to pay off some of my student loan debts. I can't just wait around for a miracle to happen and get a nursing position.

    So, my concern is how do I change my nursing geared resume into a retail or a general resume?
    I'm not really to concerned where I apply (non-nursing... minimum wage or whatever) I just need to get things moving.

    I know it's generally just an application at most places... but they also want a resume.

    I only have experience doing a nursing related resume (and recreation/camp counselor ones)

    I was wondering if anyone had any tips?

    So much school debt... nothing to show for it. BS in science
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  3. by   MrChicagoRN
    start by following the format you would if you'd never received your nursing degree/diploma.

    You can list the degree, but don't list the major (nursing). ie A.A. Anywhere community college, or Big School College- B.S.

    List courses and skills that translate to the types of positions you are seeking.

    Most folks don't realize that the job market for nurses is as tight as it is, so you you don't want to go waving the "I'm a NURSE," flag. Don't lie, but focus on the attributes your employer values the most.