HELP with online application!!

  1. Hey guys! I need advice. This may sound really stupid but ........when completing an online application, am I supposed to include preceptorship as experience even though it is part of nursing school? I don't know the rules for nursing applications. Please help, Im supposed to do this soon(like tonight!) Thank you!
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  3. by   RN4NICU
    If there is a section of the application that asks if you have any kind of specialized training or experience, I might include a preceptorship there. But the preceptorship does not belong under work experience.
  4. by   bcjams
    Is it me or what.
    I have a beautiful resume...nice fonts and setup
    But all the online applications say cut and paste your resume..and it completely wrecks the formating and then I have to input all the same info into their fill in the blank applications....what a waste of time.
    I know its just because by the off chance they hire me they dont have pay someone to type in the info...right....o well
    All that time wasted in class learning how to write a resume. Actually I just used a Word template but looks good....and I want someone to see and go hey thats pretty cool lets hire him.