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  1. Hello there,

    I am a new nurse who is going to have 1 year experience in few months. My question is when I apply to new job, will I need LOR like I did when I was a brand new nurse? I feel like I will not get a good LOR from my current nurse manager. I am good with my patients but for some reasons, two persons do not "click."

    I am taking classes and work full time thus I am only available to work 4 days a week at certain days. Are there anyone out there who have the same limit work days? How does it work out for you at work?

    Thank you all
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  3. by   HouTx
    I am assuming that "LOR" is letter of reference from the context clues. If this is not so, please disregard the following.

    Information from previous employers has to be factual - other wise, they can be sued. HR departments usually serve as the gatekeepers for any requests for information on previous employees must be OK'd by them. Managers have to follow their HR rules about what information can be provided.

    So - you should not have to worry about any negative splash-back if it is only due to personality conflict. The most important issue is whether you are classified as "eligible for re-hire" or not. You should try to find this out at the time you leave the organization. If you are not listed as "eligible for re-hire", it is a red flag for future employers because it indicates that there were performance issues behind your termination, even if it was voluntary.
  4. by   CAnurse2012
    To my knowledge I have never been written I should not be on the "not eligible for re-hire right?"