Help me with interview tips for a new nurse...PLEASE

  1. hello all! Ok so I finished nursing school and passed my NCLEX this past Aug, woohoo, so far the Boston area market has been wicked tough to crack for new grads. I have applied everywhere and no bites yet. Can you please offer any interview tips? I want to practice ahead of time but I also am coming from a completey non nursing field. Help! much appreciated! thx!
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  3. by   JustSmileinNC
    I included 2 strong letters of reference with my application/resume. One was written from a nursing instructor the other from a past manager. It was an attempt to draw attention to my application and/or set me up above the rest.

    I have now been called for two different interviews. The market in NC is essentially wide open for new grads or "seasoned" nurses. I do not envy your hunt for employment.

    Good Luck

    JustSmile in NC
  4. by   st4wb3rr33sh0rtc4k3
    This forum is awesome on getting the job!

    Dress to impress, have a cover letter and resume, and after the interview write them a thank you letter. Always works for me!

    Boston, is hard on New Grads. I left Massachusetts to another state to get my experience. Seems I could only get a job in a nursing home or prison. And that is not the kind of nursing I am interested in.
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