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  1. Ok, I have 2 job offers, both at LTC facilities. Job 1 is full-time, 36 hours, 12 hour shifts on third. Its literally down the road and I know someone who works there, but doubt we would work together often. The pay is decent, but not so good that I would have to stay at the factory 1 or 2 days a week. They do offer bonus for call-ins though.
    Job 2 is in another town about 15 miles away. It is a larger chain, but is contingency for now. She did say a FT position will open up in about 3 months. Base pay is about the same as the other job, but they have much better shift differential (2 more for 3rd and 3 more for 2nd). Its also supposed to be 12 hour shifts on third, but I could get some 1st and 2nds for awhile. Of course no benefits, but there is a chance I could get a 2nd shift later (which I would like). Plus she said a new contract is coming up in a couple months with an increase in pay.
    Am I crazy to be leaning towards job 2 and not the FT job? I could still work at the factory if I went there for now, but would be harder to work my schedule around with the on-call. She did say I would get decent hours while on contingency if I chose to. Another plus is there are not as many Alz. patients and I'm pretty sure I would not be responsible for as many patients. Any thoughts?
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    I decided to call back job 2 and tell them I'd take it this morning. Guess what, job 3 called to set up an interview on monday. Now what? I was waiting for this place to call because its a 2nd shift FT, 40 hours (from what I heard). Its also right down the road and I did my first clinical there. The negative, I did'nt really like doing my clinical there, but to be fair, it was on 1st shift, it was my first clinicals and I was doing mostly aid work. I'm not sure what they pay, but if it is'nt great, it would rule out getting any extra hours at the factory since thats also on 2nd unless they would let me work on saturday. What do you guys think? Take job 2, still go to interview, since she said it would be 2 weeks before I could start anyway. Or tell job 2 I'm not sure yet. What about calling job 1 back even if I don't want it, it has been 2 weeks. The other place I went never called me back even though they said they would let me know either way.