Has anyone used a resume writing service?

  1. Hi, I'm in a bit of a mess. I graduated last May, passed the boards in July and started working at my first job then. It had taken me three months to find that job. I had sent out over 10 resumes and literally got only one call back. I did some followup work that led to a dead end and ended up taking a job at a hospital 50 miles from my home. The job didn't work out. I was "asked to resign" after completing a Critical Care Course and a 6 week orientation. This had very little to do with my performance and skills, it was more of a personal issue.
    So here I am on a job hunt again. I got help with my 1'st resume from some pretty qualified people, but it must have been lacking something. So I'm wondering if it would be worth the $200.00 to have one done for me by a professional resume writer. This may seem extreme, and $200.00 is A LOT of money for us right now, but there is also a lot riding on my getting a job ASAP. We have been working towards adopting our foster child for the past year, and we finally have a court date in January. I though things would be better financially by then since I would have been working for over 6 months. If we can't prove we have the means of supporting this child, we may be denied the right to adopt him. So, like I said, there's a lot riding on this. Do you guys think it's worth the investment? Thanks so much for listening (reading ).
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