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  1. .....As well as a few questions, if you please.
    First of all let me introduce myself. I am presently employed full time in a rather demanding industry that I feel in my heart of hearts has a dismal future at best. Before I started my present job I was atending a local community collage to become an RN. As fate would have it, the oportunity for my present job came along before I was able to comepleat even one full semester of school, and unfortunately for me, I desided to quit school and enter into what is now my present job.

    I have started atending classes once again, at night at the same community collage as I was enrolled in before and have at present a 4.0 GPA. Much to my dismay I was forced to drop out of the fall classes because of the demands of my job. That however will not likely happen again. I WILL be atending summer school in 2007 no matter what.

    What I have been trying to find and have been unable to so far, is some one who has already traveled the road that lay ahead of me that can give me some good advise on my future schooling. I am looking for a list of dos and donts as far as what classes to take, when to take them and if there is a order to do so. By that I mean, is there an order in which to take my classes or a way in which to take my classes that anyone if thay could do Nursing school over again strongly wishes thay would have done so differently insted of the way thay did their schooling originally? Are there any pit-falls you could have avoided ahead of time had anyone given you a heads up? Are there any computer programs for help with my schooling that are worth my time and money that anyone can recammend? Computer programs that help you with spelling and punctuation that are better than the standared Windows for example. In short is there a way to do my schooling that will definately increase my chanses for success?

    I have spoken to the counselors at my collage, and thay are great people, but thay simply could not help me with the above questions.

    I know this is alot to ask, but I have a far greater amount depending on my successfull compleation of Nursing school. Namely my family.

    At present I will be atending strictly night classes for the next two years, but at some point I will have to atend full time durring the day to compleat my clinicals. Which means I will have to quit my present career and find some form of work to see me and my family through till I can start my Nursing career. Advice on a what jobs might suit this would also be of great help. Also is there a way I can approach a hospital for some form of employment while in school, in return for a comimtment to work for them once I graduate, or is this even a good idea?

    I would greatly appreciate any and all advise no matter how unimportant it may seem to the person giving it, it just might be of help to me.

    Great thanks to any who help me with their advise and experience and for the time it takes them to do so. And once again greetings to all.

    Sincerely, Arthur.
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    Welcome to Allnurses. I moved your post to the Nursing Career Advice Forum for more responses to your questions. Good luck!
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    Thanks Eric.
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    Hi Arthur, have you looked at your community college's catalog? That should have all of the information you need on what prenursing courses to take before you can apply. I do not think you have to go in any particular order with your classes, just get them done. You said the counslers could not help you with your questions, perhaps you can talk to the nursing department at school directly, or maybe the dean of nursing? As far as a job I think it would be reasonable to try getting a job as a nurses aid. Where I live you can be a nurse aid as soon as you complete one clinical rotation. It might also help you get your foot in the door when you get your RN. Good luck!