Future nurse and ecology minor

  1. Hi! I'm a high school student but I know I want to be a certified nurse midwife. However, I also have an interest in an ecology minor while earning a BSN. Will that help me at all with employment and studying etc?? And a kind of dumb question how would minors work while getting a BSN? Is it like taking an elective course (s)?
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  3. by   meanmaryjean
    Very few nursing programs have 'space' for a minor- especially in something as disparate as ecology. What would work better in my opinion is to finish the BSN and then take courses in ecology once you're working.
  4. by   FutureCNM25
    Thanks so much! That's very helpful and you're right ecology is very disparate. I don't know why I didn't consider that sooner lol
  5. by   vsan1515
    I'd love to hear more about your interest in both nurse midwifery and ecology! What draws you to each of them? This will help you understand your passions a little better, and that can help you determine which path is right for you.
  6. by   FutureCNM25
    Thank you for responding!!! Well, I've always loved being around babies and have had a fascination about human anatomy. I also wanted to be a voice of natural medicinal cures because of my mom. Anyways, when I was 13 I just knew I wanted to work by delivering babies whether it was being an L&D or a licensed midwife. After doing more research, I had firmly decided that I wanted to be a certified nurse midwife (and work on the mission field... but that's another story) is because I wanted the skills and knowledge of an RN but wanted to specialize in natural pregnancy and childbirth. However, environmental science and especially aquatic ecosystems are fascinating and I love doing more "hobby" kind of things like miniature ecosystems/ecology.
  7. by   vsan1515
    That sounds great! You also posted in another thread--which I found first, before this one, and responded with some insight as to where you could begin while you're in high school/once you graduate high school. When you say "mission field," do you mean doing missionary work internationally?
  8. by   FutureCNM25
    Thank you again for responding! Yes, international seems like the best. I've looked into some Christian organizations such as " Christian Midwife Initiative" and " Doctors Without Borders "