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  1. I am a graduate nurse from Liberia. I obtain my BSN in 2015 in Liberia, during this period the country health sector ( ministry of health, hospitals, nursing examination board) with all other ministries were shot down as a result of deadly Ebola disease that ravaged the country. From 2014- 2015 the country was fighting Ebola disease there was no nursing board examination administered during this period for me to obtain my licence as an RN. I served with International medical corps fighting Ebola at this time. I had my immigrant Visa which was to expired after look waiting to take the exam on no avail l have to migrate to the state with my family. I want to practice my career course nursing. I had a CGPA of 3:00. I need your advice on what to do in order to be an RN in the USA. I am a green card holder. I am not in the position to go back to Liberia to take the state nursing board exam, having inquired about the possible dates for the nursing board exam but with no specific date given, l am not financially capable to travel to Liberia. I need your advice please. Thanks Yassah
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    If you graduated then that may be enough. Not all states require a license. Suggest chatting to the state you plan on applying to