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I've been a nurse for a lONG time -- probably longer than most of you reading this have been alive. Had I known what I was getting into, I probably would not have gotten into it. Fortunately, I had... Read More

  1. by   ashley_bird
    This was a great article, and interesting enough it was written a few years ago yet I was able to find my way to it. I read the comments that followed and a lot of people were saying this is definitely something someone either looking to do nursing or who is in nursing school should read. I am guilty; I start pre-nursing in January. I have also read that some of us newbies reading this article will have it go over our heads or will still have that naive notion floating in our heads.

    However, speaking for myself, I know that I don't know what I am getting myself into. You cannot know until you're in the thick of things, which is fair to say for a lot of situations in life, but nursing truly covers the entire spectrum and then some. There is no right time, day, unit, experience, person, etc. for when something will come at you; it will just happen. So instead of painting this picture of what I think my nursing career will be, I let myself be open and absorbent of all the information that I already know and are coming my way.

    I am ready (for the most part) to learn and I understand (for the most part) that this profession is unique and it requires a lot of mental strength and the ability to adjust on the fly. I am preparing myself to become a better student and not just a student in school but a student in the field. I am preparing myself for the constructive criticism that will becoming my way and learn to let it make me better instead of bringing me down. I am preparing myself to recognize my faults that may have potential to make me a poor nurse.

    All in all, I am preparing myself mentally the best that I can because if I could take something from what I've heard from the experienced nurses so far, is that the knowledge and the skill can be taught but for the days that are unbearable and for the moments that had mistakes it's your own will that will pick you up, make you learn, and make you a better nurse, and that is something you create within yourself.
  2. by   mekp712
    May I just say that this article has given me plenty to consider. I am an undergraduate student pursuing my BSN. I have been searching for honest articles such as this to make sure the nursing profession is the right path for me. I must admit that I am one of the students who believed that a good moral compass and a kind heart would be enough grit before learning the ropes. It is my hope that I will be able to mentally toughen up so that I can enjoy caring for those in need in this worthwhile profession.
  3. by   mekp712
    We're in the same boat! I admire your positive attitude and willingness to adjust to this article. Wish you all the best in your studies!