First RN Interview - HELP!!!!

  1. I graduate in May 2007 with my R.N. I worked as a student nurse extern this past summer in the O.R. at Washington Hospital Center. I recently applied to Johns Hopkins Bayviews Burn ICU and got a phone call immediately. They asked me to come down for an interview on the 27th of September. I'm really looking forward to doing so, and went out and got a new Ann Taylor suit to wear to my interview (gotta look good, right?). Anyhow, what can I expect out of this interview? What are some good questions to ask? I assume they're interested in me because if not, they wouldn't have called me in for an interview 8 months prior to graduation. I really want to land this job before graduation. If anybody could give me some good advice out there, I'd really appreciate it. I grew up in with a dad who is a firefighter, which is my attraction to the Burn ICU, plus I spent some time in the Burn ICU this summer in D.C. I'd appreciate any and all feedback - thanks and keep your fingers crossed for me on Wednesday the 27th!!!
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  3. by   chelli73
    Good Luck!!!! Search this site for some excellent links to Monster interview tips for Nursing! I am bad with posting links, or I would have them here for you. I am sure you will get the job! Take care, M.
  4. by   willdgate
    In my opinion, interviews are sooooooo overrated. Just answer their questions and look them in the directly in the eye.