Fib fracture, can't work!

  1. I am an RN, recently graduated this year. I am currently working in ambulatory care at a PCP medical home and have previous experience at a rehab/transitional care facility. Over the thanksgiving weekend at home, I sustained a [relatively minor, but complete] left distal fibular fracture and the company won't let me work, not even to do phone triage. Because I have only been working there about 2 months, I am ineligible for FMLA or disability. I am devastated about this tumultuous start to my career but more importantly, I am worried about finding work in the interim until I can walk again [student loans are the worst!]. Any advice on how to find remote work with so little experience? I have excellent writing skills and have applied to work writing articles for a public health publication, but the work is not regular. Anything you could offer would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!
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  3. by   HouTx
    Honestly, after such a brief period of time, you're really not qualified (yet) for 'remote' nursing work. I'm sure you have already explored all of your options re: unemployment benefits, but be sure to contact your student loan organizations and inform them of your situation. Chances are, you can arrange for some type of forbearance until you're released to work again. Otherwise, you will inevitably drop off into the very dark place of 'student loan default' & that brings on a world of very unpleasant consequences. In many states (including mine) you can't even renew your license if you're in default.... very scary.

    Are you cleared to ambulate with crutches? cast? If so, you may be able to pick up some sort of temporary work that does not require walking. There are temp agencies that provide physician office/clinic 'customer contact' services that you could certainly do until you're back on both feet... such as reception, scheduling services & appointments, etc.

    Take good care of yourself so that you'll heal properly. In a year or so, you'll be working again and this will only be an unpleasant memory.
  4. by   LockportRN
    Right now may be a good time for you to look into clinics that give flu vacs. You would not be required to stand and you certainly have enough experience to teach about the flu, side effects, who should and shouldn't get it and then have them sign the paperwork and finally give the shot.

    Best of luck!