Feeling so drained from the job search..

  1. I got my LPN license a little over a month ago and started out applying to hospitals even before I was licensed.. I only got ONE interview, which went ok, but they declined to hire me because I wasn't reallly experienced enough for the position. (I actually agreed with this)

    After several more applications with no results (even with an employee referral!), I completely revamped my resume and cover letter, and struck out again. Well, I've got three apps to hospitals still in limbo, and they won't accept phone calls.

    So, getting discouraged and impatient, I researched a TON of nursing homes in my area. I visited one on Monday and filled out their EXTENSIVE application, but then didn't even get to talk to the DON as I was told I would over the phone. The lady I spoke with only said the DON had stepped out for a moment and that she would be calling me, as she said, "later today". ::sigh:: yeah, right. I was going to give them a week and call monday. Now I don't even know if I want to work there anymore as it was just part-time (they didn't mention that on the phone).

    Today, I had an interview for an upscale nursing home that went well, I think. She said she would talk to the DON and get in touch with me if the DON wanted an interview with me. I'll get a thank-you note out tonight.

    I called off work to go to that interview (restaurant job) and its SO hard to keep working when I need to be by the phone in case I get a call! And I CAN'T afford to leave this job until I secure another one.

    I feel like I'm going to be stuck in a really bad nursing home until I get some experience...... I'm so sick of waiting tables..... I just want to cry.

    thanks for reading. I appreciate any advice/encouragement.

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