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  1. I am applying for nursing school and the essay question for one school is "what inspired you to go into nursing?"
    The honest answer to that question is the home births I had. I have had three children and two were born at home under the care of certified home birth midwives. Because I chose home births I was more involved in my care. At my monthly visits I dipped my own urine, recorded my vitals, listened to the baby with a fetal scope etc. etc. when i was in early labor my midwife asked me over the phone to perform my own cervix exam to estimate how dials red I was etc. I was given a full tutorial on the placenta, touched it, looked it over, examined it to make sure all the pieces were there, looked at the three arteries in the cord, saw the measurement of blood loss, witnessed and was thoroughly explained every step of the newborn exam including giving the vitamin k shot, placing the clamp on the cord, assisting with the heel prick and putting the dots of blood on the sheet for the newborn screening. Because recovery was all done at home, I had to monitor my vitals and the baby's vitals to give my chart to the midwife the next day when she came back for the 24hr visit. So on and so forth.
    would this not be a good thing to write since the setting was a home birth and not in the hospital?
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  3. by   katiescow
    That's a wonderful essay topic to write about! Hospitals aren't the only places a nurse can work these days especially many nurses work in numerous settings besides hospitals and doctors offices and all of the skills you listed are skills an OB or L&D nurse would need on a daily basis it also shows how well you worked independently because you took charge of your care and performed all of those tasks on your own. Go for it!