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  1. I work for a surgical center where I do preop assessments, circulating duties, and pacu usually simultaneously and I'm basically the janitor and supply stocker. Surgeries are overbooked and everyone is rude where Iwork and with so few employees I have a bad day every day because of everyone else's grumpy attitudes. I never really got trained either. It has been trial and error. I'm considering switching to er but I'm afraid to leave where I'm at if I end up hating er. I don't have much experience so I've become comfortable where I'm at since i do more office type stuff than nursing. Does anyone have experience with both positions who could tell me some pros and cons to either position? And does er provide good training for people with hardly any nursing experienc
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    Depends upon the scope of the job you'd be doing in an E.D. There are many different types of jobs... what type of job are you applying for?