Doubting career choice after 10 years

  1. Recently have had consistent thoughts on doubting my career choice. It's happening so frequently that I even find myself looking at job postings in my area that have nothing to do with nursing at all and think about if they would be a better fit for me. The thought of giving up nursing scares the heck out of me as its all I've know the last 12 years! I worked as a CNA for a year, then achieved my LVN, then became an RN the year following that. I have always been in long term care working with the elderly my whole career and am currently the DON at the facility I have been at the last 4 years. I worry I have lost my passion along the way or maybe it's just all the stress in my role? The pressure of the role coming from the top, middle and lower?? Anyone else have similar happen to them? Did you stick it out? Switch careers? Switch the type of nursing work? I have small children at home so working Monday through Friday is what I can do for daycare, and I know that is rare in nursing, but I also do not feel that should be the reason to keep a job if it's not one that lights your fire! Advice? ?
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    It is hard to advise you simply because none of us are living your life. However, it has been my experience that sometimes the thing we are leaning toward that causes us fear is actually the very thing we need to try. It seems obvious you may need to make a change. Maybe you need to advance your education. Or find a different role, such as Case Management or some other specialty that tends to be a M-F position. Ultimately you will never know until you try. Keep searching and the answers will come.