Dont know how to decide :( Help

  1. Well I had four interveiws this past week and they all went great I was offered 3 jobs and a 9-week internship that would likely lead to a job. I applied at all of these hospitals to find the best environment for learning, best place to work, best pay, etc. But now that I have all of these offers I dont know what I want anymore.... If anyone can give me any insight at all I would be forever greatful...

    Hospital A: Small hospital in a rural community. Position offered is a day position on med/surg where they care for adults and childrens (BIG plus for me because Peds is my field of choice). Orientation 4-6 weeks. Very friendly staff/managers. Nurse to patient ratio on days in generally 6 or 7 pt per nurse (sounds like alot to me to be the norm) more if someone calls off becuase they do not have a lot of staff to call in if needed. Cross-training on the other 2 units (ER and ICU -yeah very small hospital) is allowed if wanted (which I think is neat). About an hour drive down a two-lane road through the "middle of nowhere." Lowest pay rate of all the hospitals. Could start in 2 weeks if I accept.

    Hospital B: Medium-sized hospital. Position offered is nights on an oncology unit (nurse manager has day positions open but thinks days is "too much" for new grads, would move me to nights after a few months). Nurses all seem very friendly. Unit has it's own nurse educator (of course she's only there during the day.. no help to me). Up to 12 weeks orientation if necessary. Nurse manager is very adament about me taking time to think over the offer as she says many new grads get into oncology only to hate it and leave before orientation is even over, so this makes me a bit nervous. Patient ratio 4-6 pt per nurse. This hospital is about 20-30 minute drive. Pays very well. Could start in 2 weeks.

    Hospital C: Another small hospital. Great reputation in the community. Still do all paper charting (dont know if this is good or bad)!!!! This one offered me a night position in PCU (possibly days if I want it, they had already offered someone else the day position, if they turn it down, it's mine). 5000 dollar sign-on bonus. I am familiar with working on a PCU, as I did my practicum on one, so this is a plus. Only 4 weeks of orienting after the classroom stuff. 5-6 pt per nurse. This hospital is about 45-50 minutes away. Pay is comparable to Hospital B. Could start in 2 weeks if accept the position.

    Hospital D: This is a very large hospital with a good reputation for customer service. It is a union hospital as well. A spot in their 9-week internship program was offered to me. After the nine weeks I would have to apply for a job at the hospital, which they said as long as my internship works out I will have no problem getting hired. They said new grads end up on night shift. No information about pay thus far. About 45 minute drive. Does not start for another 2 months!!!!!

    Sorry this was so long, I am just totally overwhelmed with the job search and NCLEX and the reality that school is over and I am REALLY going to be a nurse now LOL... If anyone has any advice or insight, help me out Please

    If you got this far, thank you for reading LOL

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  3. by   TexasPediRN
    I dont know how to help you decide..but I have some opinions and some concerns.

    Assuming these are 12 hour shifts:

    Hospital A: This now turns into a 14 1/2 hour shift including driving time - you'll be exhausted driving home...something to think about. With low pay rates and high gas may be strapped for cash.

    Hospital B: Sounds good expereince wise, but im slightly concerned that the nurse manager doesnt think new grads can handle days. How are you with working nights? ( I do understand where she is coming from - onc. is very hard, and they dont want to train someone who will quit within a few weeks)

    Hospital C: Still a drive away, paper charting isnt that bad, question the sign on bonus. When do you get it? What happens if you leave early? What are the stipulations to getting one?
    Also ask if orientation can be extended if needed until you feel comfortable..

    Hospital D:
    A 9 week internship is a great thing. However, I understand you concern about not starting for 2 months. Is there any way you can ask them to move it up? However, 2 months does go fast if you accept this job. Assuming the internship is one on one, and you could be with the same preceptor daily (work around their schedule), you'd learn a lot and you'd work with someone for 9 weeks who knows and understands your learning style.

    So those are my questions and some things for you to think about..

    Congrats though on being offered all those jobs!!