Do you think I have a good shot at getting an offer?!

  1. Hi! So I am so anxious. I applied at a local hospital in mid February for a Patient Care Tech. I was contacted by a recruiter the next day. I scheduled the interview and met with the recruiter and the floor manager. The floor I was interviewing for was the Burn Unit ICU... The interviews went great! The nurse manager scheduled me for a shadow before I even left. So I came to shadow and the job itself was great, but I almost passed out for the severity of some of the burns... I stepped out and got some water and went back in. The nurse manager came to get my at our scheduled time so I could leave. She asked how it went and I was honest. I told her I almost passed out and didn't know if it was because I couldn't handle it or if the room temp, empty stomach and the mask being over my face had something to do with it. The nurse manager still seemed interested and I was confident she would extend an offer, but me almost passing out bothered me. I didn't want to waste her time or anyone else's; or set myself up for failure. So I emailed my recruiter and asked her to call me. She did and I explained how I felt and she said "We both really like you. She has another opening on the TCU floor. When we first interviewed we decided if you didn't like the Burn Unit we would consider you for the TCU" so she was going to reach out and see about that. My recruiter called me the next day and said the TCU was gory also, so they think Ortho - Post op would be a good fit but wanted me to shadow and interview with that floor manager. Sooooo, I did last night. The interview was great again. It was so casual and like talking to friend. Following my interview I shadowed from 5:30pm-9pm. I was supposed to leave at about 7:30 but I wanted to stay because it was extremely fun. So my shadower was like "You can totally stay if you want". So I did, I was hands on and very proactive the entire time. I feel super confident but I'm anxious. How long does it usually take to hear back?? Do you think I have a good shot at getting it? I was worried me saying I couldn't handle the Burn Unit was going to cancel me out, but I think they appreciated my honesty. They said im a good fit for the hospital so they want to find a good fit for me...... HELLPPP!!!!!!!!!!!! What do you think?
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  3. by   EllaBella1
    I think it sounds like they like you and want to find a spot that works for both you and for them. If they didn't think you were still a good option after the experience in burn they wouldn't have extended you a second option. I would email your recruiter and tell her that you felt that ortho was a great fit for you and see what they say.
  4. by   jessielynn813
    I actually got a call back from my recruiter like 20 minutes after posting this. I GOT THE JOB!!!! (:
  5. by   beckysue920
    Congratulations, you did good!!