Dialysis vs. SNF/Rehab

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    So, I am a fairly new nurse about 5 months experience. I used to be a Dialysis RN but I resigned from that position to pursue a SNF rehab position. But when I got to that certain facility there were so many issues. Patient load wasn't even between nurses, no overtime, and during my first couple of weeks I felt very uncomfortable and I understand that is normal for new nurses. With the conditions of that particular SNF, I resigned and the director was very understanding and said that "its not for everyone." Which made me feel so relieved. But now, I am unemployed. I have 2 options, go back to dialysis nursing OR go to another SNF which appears to be 5 stars. Problem is that I'm afraid I will leave the SNF because as we all know, SNF has a reputation for not having so great conditions. Anyone please advise!!!!
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    I know this is late but what route did you go off to?? I just got hired at a SNF/Nursing home as a new grad and I'm still reeling at the patient ratio but I'm willing to learn.