Declined dream job offer??

  1. New grad here. I was offered 2 job offers in the same week- one being my dream job and the other with the hospital I interned with. Long story short, I ended up choosing #2 because I felt guilty cutting ties after the internship. There's also less risk because I know what I'm getting.

    A month later, I regret my decision. I want the dream job so badly and it's crazy to think I threw away my chance. Is it worth contacting them to see if the position is still open?

    A couple factors here:
    1) HR has been slow to say the least at hospital #2. I have not signed any papers, only gave a verbal confirmation over the phone
    2) the dream job is known to hire more than allotted spaces, if candidates are qualified

    Any input welcome
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  3. by   kiszi
    It doesn't hurt to try!
  4. by   NG_RN
    Thank you! I did email HR and the hiring manager. Now I wait (although it may take a while with it being a holiday week)

    I suppose I'm wondering if I will come across as rude. Everything was conducted professionally, but I hear some recruiters will write people off that decline offers. It's important to note that I do have other opportunities, but simply think this one is the best fit