Deciding on wether to be an RN or LPN; HELP!

  1. Ok here's my story;
    I jsut graduated from high school and while i was in high school i took the CNA course. I am currently working at a convelescent home but only per diem. I was supposed to go to college to become an RN. But i dont have alot of money neither do my parents. I dont have my license yet and it would be hard to get there. And my grandfather was diagnosed with lymphia cancer. Now i have decided to put off college for now. But i dont know wether i should start college in the Spring or if i should take the LPN course that starts in November of 2005. I would love to hear anybody's opinion on this. My future goal is to become a midwife. And i would rather not take out any loans because i dont want to get into debt at such a young age. Please feel free to write back. Thanks.
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    If your future goal is to become a midwife I would suggest entering directly into the RN program so you have a greater chance at securing a position in a Labor and Delivery unit. Most schools of midwifery require some bedside experience in L&D before acceptance into the program.

    As far as paying for school, I also had absolutely NO MONEY when I started college. None. My parents also had no money and my father has been ill since I can remember. I was able to qualify for student loans as well as a few grants here and there which helped tremendously. I am still paying off those loans but it's a debt that I feel good about paying each month, as opposed to a car that depreciates once it leaves the lot!

    The loans for school are worth the investment. Speak to someone in the Financial Aid department of the college you are looking into and they can start you on the process.