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  1. Hello all,
    I am a foreign student studying in MS Pharmacology program in USA. I would be finishing in few months. I also have a BS in Pharmacy from my country. Looking at the lack of job opportunity and money in biomedical research, I came to consider the option of switching to nursing.

    I am about 30 and would like to enter into an accelerated nursing program (accelerated entry-level MSN or accelerated entry-level BSN). I was wondering if there are any entry-level nursing programs for people like me who have a non-nursing BS. I am willing to spend upto 2 years to get a degree. (though I would prefer to get it done in a year). Having said this, I would also like to know what specialty of nursing can get me a degree and job in shortest amount of time.

    I am wondering if anyone can advice me where to find such programs.
    I'm new to this field, so any advice, suggestion is very welcome and much needed.

    Thank you for your time and attention.
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  3. by   Xevious
    I'm not sure about an accelerated program. There are faster programs for people already in the nursing field (LPN to RN), but having a BS in something else doesn't really help you except for the fact that you likely have most of the prerequisites finished. You're probably going to be looking at five more semesters for a BSN. But you really should check around at different schools to see if one meets your needs. Choosing a specialty really isn't an issue this early on, you're going to find a job whatever you do. You'll be exposed to different areas in nursing school and will likely find something that you want to do.

    Good luck with your decision.
  4. by   IntlNurse2Be
    This link contains the accelerated BSN and MSN programs.

    There are a few different options available to you. If you look at the school's website you will be able to see if you meet the requirements (with your background I think you definitely have a great shot). Entry is extremely competitive. BSN will take a little over a year. As for a direct entry MSN - most are three years total (first for RN, then second and third years for MSN/NP). Check the websites for the length of programs.

    One of the schools I applied to is University of Virginia. They offer a two year Clinical Nurse Leader/MSN track. The application deadline is February 1, 2007.
  5. by   Xevious
    ^ Good info. Shows what I know. :trout:
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  7. by   Liiisssaaaa
    :spin: I'm not sure if you're limited to schools in the US, but I'm just finishing up my BN at the University of New Brunswick (Canada) through their advanced standing program (ASP). I came into the program with a BBA, and two and a half years later - I will be graduating with my BN. As an added benefit - UNB schedules more community practicum hours and clinical practicum hours than most other (if not all other) nursing schools in Canada. Worth checking out their site: University of New Brunswick - CANADA