1. Don't waste your time with the online LPN/LVN courses! PLEASE do NOT flame me for that statement, others reading this post...especially you LPN/LVNs out there in cyberspace! I am one of the ADN RNs who've utilized YOUR vast wealth of "functional" skills in my nursing career and it's YOU LPNs and LVNs who've assisted ME with hands-on learning of skills not acquired in my years of learning during school with clinicals not meeting minimally required goals of such. So, nothing at all against LVN/LPNS! But here goes: it's only three semesters short of being an RN, so why not go whole hog, so to speak, while you're in a position where, optimally, the service will "pay" for your schooling anyway? More options once you're a civialian again and out of the service, much better pay, etc.
    Just my two cents worth.
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