Choices! Can you stand another 2nd degree thread?

  1. Sorry this is long -- I get longwinded.
    Trying to decide what to do... 20+ years in a business/IT field for the same company, which has filed Chapter 11. I just can't get excited about another job in this field. I'm bored and feel that all my time and energy are devoted to something that just doesn't matter. This career type seems to work for a lot of people, but not for me.

    Unfortunately, I'm also the primary (sole, really) breadwinner for my family, so going back to school full time will be problematic.

    In my state, I can get teacher certification in about a year to 15 months. BSN will take quite a bit longer, since I have so many prereqs to take: Psych, Soc, A&P, Microbiology.

    Reading the posts on this site, I get energized about nursing, but then also worried. DH thinks I can't handle it -- I don't even like the wet and messy parts of housework! -- but I think the situation would be different and I think/hope/maybe that I could manage.

    As far as teaching goes, I worry about being able to manage a classroom. Sometimes the kids at church (much smaller groups of them than in a school class) can drive me to wishing I were more of a drinker
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  3. by   KatieBell
    Do you want to have a career as a teacher or as a nurse?

    Two totally different things.

    Handling a classroom full of kids is difficult.
    Juggling the needs of all your patients is also difficult.

    There is a lot of wet and messy in nursing- sometimes it is better than housework (Like when a baby is born) sometimes it is worse (like when my patient vomits all over me...)

    I suggest you try to find some time to speak to some teachers and nurses locally- maybe go and observe a day at both places-gives you an idea of what to expect.

    Good Luck with your decision!!!