Case Management Help~re-entering after being out two years

  1. Hi, I'm an LVN with 22yrs experience (ambulatory care and home health)-I previously did Care Management (10yrs) for a private HMO with the job title of "Population Care Manager". I managed DM, CAD, CHF, ASTHMA and Depression~however everything was company specific including the computer programs we used. I have been reading and trying to update myself as I have been out of the field years two years for personal time. It seems the new trendy title is "Disease Management Case Manager" or "Telephonic Case Manager"

    I find myself for the first time doubting what I know because I am unfamiliar with abbreviations and terminolgy used in the public sector and because of my two year absence. Also because I am an LVN and not an RN, although I have the background experience and knowledge, it does appear that LVN's are now being utilized more in case management. I didnt even know what an IPA about feeling inadequate-good thing i'm reading about it all now. I posted my resume on-line last week and am being bombarded by calls. I have a recruiter who I have chosen to work with and have several upcoming interviews for excellent well paying postions. I have 17yrs with one employer, 13 years with the other and I am told my resume is "solid" and the skills/experience I have aquired as an LVN (plus being bilingual) are "highly desirable" and "in demand". I do know it is also a recruiter and they will tell you alot to try and recruit you. LOL

    As I mentioned, everything we did was company specific including our computer programs so I am unfamiliar with the on-goings of the world outside of the HMO as I worked for them for 17yrs. Everyone had the same insurance and the goal was the same but it was like being in a bubble from the outside world. I almost freaked out when a position asked for experience with Milliman/Interqual as I had never heard of it. I know I have 22 years experience but some how I feel like a generic newbie rookie. I will need to read ALOT between now and my interviews....Does anyone have any suggestions on readings, courses, certifications, websites or ceus? Any helpful advice or words of wisdom? Thank you soooooo much!!

    PS....had posted this under specialties but it seems no one goes to that section.
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