1. Hello so i need Some advice I'm going to school for nursing BSN right now but I'm kind of have been considering doing Lpn and then go for my rn after. So which is a better route lpn or going straight for RN? One of the reason why I'm considering lpn is becuase I've taken one of my pre-reqs more than 3 times and i know majority of the nursing schools will not accept you with you failing a pre-req more than 2 or 3 times. So i just Need some advice on which route i should go.
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    I think you need to talk to the particular schools that you are looking at -- and ask them about their admissions standards and processes. As a general rule, I usually recommend to people that they go right for the RN (or BSN) to begin with if that is their goal and they are able to complete the required program. However, it sounds as if you are having major problems meeting the admission standards of your local BSN program. Talk with them to see how that will effect your chances of being admitted. If admission is unlikely, you have to switch to "Plan B" -- another school or perhaps and ADN program or perhaps an LPN program to begin with.

    But until you actually talk with you Plan A school (BSN program) and find out the facts related to your admission prospects, you are just "guessing in the dark." Get the facts ... then choose which route to take.