Career Conundrum

  1. I need advice BAD! I am a nursing supervisor in prison and was a DON at a prison site in the past. I quit because of professional differences with a Chief Nurse Executive but was approached about taking another position as a DON. I am flattered at being considered but the prison is in a much less desirable location (in my opinion). There are less than 50 of these positions in the state so declining one after quitting another may blacklist me permanently, but I literally just moved into my new home this month. We have no family up here or real ties other than we made the huge decision to move. I have a kid in college who didn't follow us and a 4 year old who won't be in kindergarten until next year. So what do I do????

    1) I want to promote eventually
    2) I love the area I just moved to (near Yosemite)

    Thanks for any help and discussion-
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