Can You Work During Nursing School?

  1. Hello! I'm currently a high school teacher looking for a career change. I love interacting with and helping people so I'm leaning towards nursing. I've asked a few people about working through nursing school and everyone has told me it's impossible or not a good idea. A few told me that I could possibly work part-time. I know that I would have to quit teaching since that takes about 60-70 hours of my week. However, in the evenings, I was going to go back to waiting tables to get me through school. I already have a bachelors degree so it's looking to be about 15-18 more months in school to get a BSN. Not working isn't an option for me. I'm in my late 20s and single and have to pay my bills. Are there any nurses who worked full time through nursing school (accelerated or not). I hate to give up on this dream because I have to work through school. I worked full-time through my first degree but I know this is different. Thank you so much!
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    Not sure where in TX you live, but Online University | Accredited Online College Degrees | WGU has a prelicensure program in several TX areas- and the design supports working adults. In fact, I have a graduate of the program (here in IN) who was a first-grade teacher and continued in her classroom throughout the program.

    Let me ask you this first, have you shadowed a nurse? What do you know about the career? Are you aware that the media presents a VERY skewed view of the reality of nurses and the work they do.